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We Are DockSource

We know a guy.


DockSource is a third-party company created for boaters by boaters. Docksource’s mission is to connect customers to the local boat community so they can do what we like most…getting onto the water. Like a best buddy, we know people who can help and want to help you out. No matter if your just visiting or new to the docks we want help you through our innovative platform. You need to storage space? We know a guy! You need your boat cleaned? We know a guy! You need to fix or install something on your boat? We know a guy! You need to matching gear for your team? We know a guy! You need a project? We know a guy! So let us navigate you through the “rough waters” and guide you to the right person because...we know a guy.


Let DockSource be your lighthouse to the right resource

Cargo Containers


Docksource transforms you from "landlubber" to "seadog". Our platform allows customers to search through available locations within the nearest marina community to find their individual storage needs within our network. Let us take care of the hassles and get you to the water faster.


Docksource's platform empowers you to be the true captain. As the docksource "seller", sellers provide us information about the available storage space and let us handle the financing, marketing, and sales. Our focus is to de-clutter your busy schedule and put money in your pocket so you can focus on what really matters...Your vessel.

Dock on a lake
Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Services

Docksource simplifies the process of finding a trusted person to clean your Vessel. As a docksource member, you have access to our available resources. Don't waste time searching and researching on services. All of our members are accounted for by other local members making it easy for you to decide. So connect with one of the available members and get your deck swabbed. Who might even make Blackbeard blush.

Repair and Installation

Docksource turns you from not knowing the guy to "knowing" the right guy. Search through docksource and find a local members who has experience the repair or installation you need!

Varnishing the Deck

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Who Are We


Thomas Neis

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is the visionary and founder of DockSource. Thomas' marine experience and industrial education enforces him to continue the vision and strategy of DockSource.

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